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Welcome to the Sandpiper 565 Owner's Group!
Sandpiper Events: Come and Join Us! 2017 Sandpiper 565  Rendezvous: Hessel Michigan.


   Have "Fun" this summer by Trailer Sailing. Hit the road and sail with other Sandpiper Owners in new locations.
   Create your own Sandpiper Events and have them announced online here.

If you own a Sandpiper, Please Contact us to be included in our Registry!  Find out where the nearest Sandpipers is to you!
  Sandpiper News Cast:  

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The 13th Annual Sandpiper 2017 Rendezvous will be held from Friday August 18, to Monday August 21 at the Hessel Marina in Hessel Michigan.

Do plan to come and Join us.

The Fleet will be sailing among the Les Cheneaux Islands which comprises of 36 islands along 12 miles of Lake Huron and this area is part of the Niagara Escarpment. The name "Les Chenaux" is French origin and is translated to mean "the channels". This area is deemed Historic Authentic Beauty and is well known for its many sheltered channels and bays. Just great for small boats like our Sandpipers that can go anywhere.

This will be the second time in the Sandpiper Rendezvous history that Michigan waters have been chosen to host our event, other than places in Ontario and Quebec.

For more info check out the Rendezvous Page.


Why a Sandpiper? 

D o you ever watch a sandpiper bird as it moves along the shoreline? Do you notice that the sandpiper bird is darting in and out of the waters edge along the beach looking for food and always seems to be moving around?

W ell basically that's what our Sandpiper Sailboats do, but we tend try to stay in the water more than on land, and we can go anywhere any time. In less than 15 minutes Sandpipers can be rigged and launched ready to sail or hauled out and trailer secured to travel over land to explore new inland waters.

T he Sandpiper 565 can be classified as a pocket or compact cruiser, or a micro-cruiser that is; small (18.6 feet or 5.65 meters), lightweight (1200 lbs), a sailboat with a cabin (headroom 4'4") intended for recreational cruising and overnight stays (sleeps 4), can be easily loaded onto a trailer and towed, and is very easy to beach. The calculated hull speed is 5.81 mph (5 knots).

T he Sandpiper 565 is also a sailing sloop with four berth accommodation  and is popular in eastern Canada and in the great lakes region. Due to her short waterline and wide beam (7'.1"), the Sandpiper is not a really fast boat but she shows a good pointing ability. A little tender at first, she rapidly becomes stiffer as the retractable daggerboard keel (300 lbs on a lead screw) begins to do its job. The keel retracts fully inside the boat (draft becomes 10 inches) and when lowered only protrudes 2'1" below the hull (draft becomes 2'11"). The Sandpiper can be sailed single handedly and has a wide beam for stability, is inexpensive, and being trailerable, means not having to pay for expensive marina slips. The mast of the Sandpiper is 22 feet 1.75 inches long (from bottom edge of aluminum foot casting to mast top) and it lays down nicely on the top of the Boat when trailering.

Sandpiper Origins:

T he Sandpiper 565 was designed by Leonardo da Costa Sayago (C. Eng, M.R.N.A.) in Southampton England on December 16, 1971 as a fast week-ender sailboat. 

T he Sandpiper 565 was an English Channel Craft manufactured first by Messrs, Sandpiper Marine LTD. of Southampton, England in 1972, and then was built under licence by C & L Boatworks Waterhouse & May Limited originally in Pickering Ontario. Although the name has changed slightly over the years the company has remained the same. (see C & L history). Although the Sandpiper 565 Sailboat is no longer in production but CL Sailboats in Fort Erie, continue to offer free technical advice and supply replacement parts and sails (check the support web page). The high production cost (labor intensive) of building the boat finally resulted in it discontinued for more favorable models. The first Sandpiper constructed in Canada was in 1974 with the last in 1993. The Sandpiper is very close in design to both the English SailFish 18 and the Ockelbo OS19 with all three being designed by the same designer Leonardo da Costa Sayago. 


T he Sandpiper 565 was constructed to The Lloyds of London Shipyards Standards (safety requirements) and has received certification from The Ship and Boat Builders National Federation (now known the British Marine Federation) as, as the Sandpiper sailed in Sea costal waters around the English Channel Islands.

Reports From The Press :

bulletA "dinghy with lid" Geoffrey Underwood sailing correspondent of the Western Morning News describes the Sandpiper 565. Carefully planned accommodation with dinghy performance. Light and responsive under her 167 square feet of sail.
bulletPractical Boat Owner, states, "Sandpiper 565 is a boat to add to your list if you're hunting round for a trailerable 18 footer shoal draft. An all resinglass boat the Sandpiper should appeal to a "first buyer". All in all a pretty sailing boat which comes with
bulletYachting & Boating Monthly: John Driscoll, With the Solent just recovering from the onslaught of an Autumn gale, we set full sail in order to beat out of the shelter of the Medina against the tide, and the Sandpiper showed herself to be lively, from the onset. She pointed high and sailed fast enough over the tide to allow us to doge the floating bridge and the ferry without having to resort to using the outboard.
bulletSunday Express Boat Test: Kenneth Duxbury, Any sailor who can handle a cruising dinghy will find Sandpiper 565 a delight. Yesterday in a spanking breeze off the Cornish coast I put her through her paces under full sail. She came through with flying colours. For this versatile craft has a performance and quality of finish which would be hard to better for her class.

Quality Construction:

bulletAll molding by hand lay-up. Built-in buoyancy is provided for additional safety. The sides decks are wide enough to walk on with ease, combined with handrails on the cabin roof. There is easy access to the cabin through the large sliding main hatch. Retractable outboard motor bracket is standard equipment.
bulletA carefully designed, extremely dry cockpit with high coaming for comfortable day sailing. Non-skid surfaces and extra
bulletThe Sandpiper 565 secures neatly on a trailer for mobility, and can be trailed with ease. Launching and recovery is simple, allowing access to coastal and inland waterways. The keel is recessed within the hull for trailing and stowage.
bulletDeck fittings are of the finest non-corrosive quality including stemhead roller, mooring cleat and fairleads. The anchor and chain locker is self-draining and the forward hatch is well positioned for access to the foredeck and ventilation. The bow pulpit is an attractive option.
bulletA light and airy cabin with two large hatches and plexiglass ports. Four large berths with deep soft cushions allow for comfortable sleeping. Ample main stowage is provided below the berths and the handy port starboard cave lockers are great for odds and ends. A convenient locker for storing the keel winch handle is also provided. There is excellent sitting headroom, and an optional table fits neatly onto the keel housing. The chemical toilet is standard equipment.

Sandpiper Standard Boat Specifications:

lue hull with white deck in handlaid fibreglass, with non-skid surfaces and self draining cockpit floor and seats. 4-berth accommodation with cushions. Cabin hand lockers and stowage compartments. Plexiglass ports. Chemical toilet (with pumpout on foredeck) to OWRC specs. Roomy aft locker in cockpit. Built in positive foam buoyancy. Sliding main hatch with washboards (locking). Forward hatch. Self-draining anchor locker.

Sandpiper Optional Purchase Options:

W hen the sandpiper was purchased brand new, the following options were available; trailer, spinnaker, slab reefing, dropleaf table, anchor and line, cockpit tent cover, storm jib, wind pennant, lighting, wisker pole, cockpit cushions, jib furling, bow pulpit, stern cleats and fairleads, and sail cover.

Sandpiper Speeds:

H ow fast and how does a Sandpiper handle? Well there have been a few unusual reports of Sandpipers performing;
bulletAveraging 9 mph (GPS) St Mary's River.
bulletReaching up to 12 mph (GPS) on Whitefish Bay on Lake Superior with full sails running downwind at about 45 degrees to the wind/waves with the waves being 6ft high. The Sandpiper was maintaining a steady 7.5 mph and then hitting 12 mph as It surfed with each wave.
bulletBeing big enough to handle well on Lake Ontario through 10' swells in high wind.

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Sail # 1148, click on it to expand.

Sail # 1170 & 1305, Click on picture to expand.
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Sandpiper Owner Manual


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What's Our Goal

The purpose of this website is for Sandpiper 565 Sailboat Owners to collaborate; hang out, share photos, ideas, and for technical advice. Material posted on this website is to help those who are new to Sandpiper Sailing. Do enjoy this site and feel free to add to it and promote it. Thanks

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