Photos:  Submitted by Frank Horvath, Sandpiper #773, click on the Pictures to Enlarge.

My Sandpiper came with a full camper top when I purchased it in June of 2008 and really comes in handy for long stays on the boat because it most effectively increases the inside living space and gives nice mosquito protection. It is designed to allow the boat to be sailed with it up as well. I have motored with it up and you stay dry and warm at the tiller. I also have an autopilot and I also use it for keeping the boat heading into the wind when I go forward.

P1010123_small.jpg Ojibway 1_small.jpg P1010051_small.jpg P1010140_small.jpg P1010133_small.jpg
2_small.jpg P1010175_small.jpg 40_small.jpg Dock 2_small.jpg P1010164_small.jpg
Dock 4_small.jpg Dock 3_small.jpg P1010089_small.jpg P1010091_small.jpg

I took the boat up to Georgian bay for 5 days and spent the time around Beausoliel Island . I had a wonderful time and the weather was absolutely spectacular. I could have stayed a month.

The Coleman Extreme 5 Day Cooler worked splendidly. I took out what I would need for the day every morning and put that into another smaller cooler so I wasn't opening the Coleman very often. I froze my bottled water and used them as my ice packs. I took a few out each morning and let them thaw in the smaller cooler.  At the end of 5 days I still had frozen water bottles. I had cold water to drink all day and I used those individual flavor packets for the water to give me some variety.


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