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Area: Algoma District, Lake Superior southeast, and Lake Huron north shore.

Two Sandpipers
Neil Trudel
Algoma Sailing Club

Sault Ste Marie
Foreground, Little Wave #103.
Background, Lu-Sail #1112.

Gypsy II, #576
Batchawana Bay

Lloyd Smith
#962, Bruce Mines
Gary Gingras
Goulais Bay.


Robert Hayes
Goulais Bay.
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Lu-Sail #1112.
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Lu-Sail #1112.

Maintenance Upgrades for Little Wave: #103
The Restoration of an older Boat is a continuous work in progress.

You can have two choices; "Buy cheap and fix her it all up" or "Buy expensive all it's all done". The first option is harder but you do gain allot of experience and knowledge.

Replaced Both Windows. After winter storage found one window had cracked, at closer look more cracks were discovered in other places, just simply old age (30 years+). Made the new ones myself by taking off the old windows to use a templates. The sealant used was really adhesive and needed the use of very flat chisels to slowly pry it off, it is very slow process as BEWARE you CAN CRACK IT with too much pressure. Used a jig saw to cut the new 1/4 inch lexon plexiglass windows and drilled all the holes. With all the nuts and bolts that are used to hold the windows it into place, I just used an VU protected sealant in case I ever need to remove the windows at a later date.
New Mainsail; as wanted two rows of reefing points for high winds. The original sail had no reef points, sail looked stretched but rather the bolt rope had shrunk (sun and UV rays) over the years (verified by a sailmaker who laid it out on a sail table to measured it). Newer sails usually have the sail cloth covering the boat rope. 
Upgraded Trailer; purchased new trailer lights, wheel hubs and complete bearing kits.
Teak Woodwork; sanded them all down and coated them all with 4 coats of cetol.
Repainted Cockpit Lockers; to make it brighter and easier to see inside.
Upgraded Motor; to a 4 stroke, 5 HP, with gear shift lever, and electrical charger.
Keel Repairs; Noticed that the two sections of fiber glass that cover the keel has separated at the ends hence did some more fiber glassing and repainting.
New rim for spare tire; as it was quite rusty and seemed slightly bent.
Drilled 3/4" Inspection drain holes; in lockers and lazarette then used boat plugs to reseal. Can pull them out any time and insert a flexible hose connected to a vacuum to suck any water out. Jacked the front of the boat up about 4 feet on the trailer for 4 days to let it drain to the stern. Only to find a pail full of water, I thought that there would be much more.
Trailer Repairs; cut off running boards on top of frame and had them rewelded them on the bottom sides to provide more clearance for future painting or working on the hull.
Large Tarp; purchased a very large to completely cover boat for winter storage.
VHF Marine Radio; Obtained an older radio and mounted temporary the antenna on the bow railing.
Purchased my Sandpiper; in the late spring.
Bought 3 new tires including tubes; (so tires won't go flat over time) to bring the boat home.
Found water in the boat, was told it was due to improper winter storage as ice blocking water drains.
Repainted Hull; by lightly sanding the hull below the water line to remove all paint. Then touched up a few rubbed spots from it being beached on shorelines with fiberglass, then painted it with two coats of Primer and two coats of antifouling paint.
Motor Repairs; motor wouldn't start hence replaced spark plugs, points, coils, capacitors, had a full tune up performed, now runs great.


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