Photos:  Submitted by Pierre Lussier Sail # 164, click on the Pictures to Enlarge.

Table Plans

My Table for the Sandpiper

Two boards of inch 11 " x 47 " held together by 2 hinges located 6 inches away from the ends. These 2 boards are maintained open by the leg which is 16 " x 8" and positioned at about 21" inches from the stern end of the table so as to rest on the front edge of the back seat cover. There are 2 hinges to hold this foot attached to the boards of the table. The axis of these hinges were removed and replaced by a hanger wire to facilitate the assembly.

The stern end of the table is attached to the traveler by mean of a U-shape piece 10 inches long. It is made from a square 1.5" x 1.5"x10" sandwiched by two 1/4" measonite pieces of 3 " x 10". This U is inserted from the rear unto the traveler and then 2 top sections of 4 inches nails acting as pins are inserted in the front of the U through the table. The table is henceforth attached firmly to the traveler.


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