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Subject: Kids On Deck

Author: Rebekah


December 2008

School's out, Summer's in, Take out your Sailboat, and Race to Win!  

Hey us KIDS want to have fun sailing too
on Sandpiper's Boats (with our parents)!

Where we KIDS can hang out
 share stories, and have fun!

Wait a second, my toes says its still too cold.

We play Go Fish while Dad fishes to catch supper.

So all you Kids its up to you we need

Did anything funny happen while on board? Do you have any pets on board?
Did you get to steer the boat? Do you know how to raise the sails?
Has your family had any overnight cruises on board? Was there enough room?
Send us some stories and pictures (just give first names only).

Kids Fun Sailing Games: (Just remember to click on the BACK button to return here.)

3D Sailing

Sailing Race
Buoy Ahoy
Sailing Adventure

Can you figure out  these parts of a Sandpiper sail boat? 
Take our Quiz and match the Letters with the correct Names.
Challenge your parents and see how many they actually know.
For Answers Email us.
info@sandpiper565.com Subject: Kids On Deck

____ Jib Sail
____ Main Sail
____ Sail Battens 
____ Spinnaker Sail
____ Spinnaker Pole
____ Sandpiper logo / Sail #
____ Mast
____ Boom
____ Boom Vang
____ Wind Vane (direction)
____ Side Shrouds / Stays
____ ForeStay
____ Rudder
____ Keel
____ Tiller
____ Hatch
____ Window
____ Traveller (Mainsail)
____ Sliding Block (Jib)
____ MainSheet
____ Jamb Cleat
____ Pulpit Railing
____ Port
____ Starboard
____ Bow
____ Stern

Click on the picture and then print it out!


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