Sandpiper 565 Sailboat Newsletter Volume 1.0           

1) Introduction:

  All though the season is still winter but with spring just around the corner (only three more months till May) some of us sailors are already getting that "go sailing feeling". Most of us are getting tired of old man winter and if you launch your boat in early May, now is the time to start planning and thinking about your Sandpiper.  (Do we ever stop?)

 This new Sandpiper Newsletter is just a friendly way of keeping you up to date and to inform you of some up coming events. Hopefully we will have a few newsletters each year just to touch base with you, as we consider you to be our sailing friends and are looking forward to meet and sail with you this year.

 2) Where will the 2010 Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous be?

 I have been asked that question a few times and it is has yet to be decided by the Sandpiper Community on the CL Message Forum (S565 Rendezvous 2010) where you can submit your preferred locations and then everyone can decide. Currently there is a hinting of the Ottawa River, but who knows what and where it will be. Just up river in Constance Bay there are Sandpipers that have an ongoing race complete with a trophy. Hmm, that gives an idea, who wants to compete for it so they would have to come and compete next year to get it back?

 Overall when and where the Rendezvous is all finalized, the details will be re-posted on website. But where ever it is this year we would like to break the all time record for the biggest attendance and greatest number of Sandpipers gathered together in one location.

 3) I can’t make it to the Rendezvous is there two?

 Just because you are unable to attend the Rendezvous due to a number of commitments you can always organize a smaller weekend sailing adventure with others. Think of the Rendezvous as the “National Yearly Event” that always occurs in august whereas yours could be smaller local sailing events, but what ever you do, please let us know so we can place details of it online for others since we are all spread out across the nation or rather two countries.

 4) Its too early yet, But what can I do?

 If you say it’s too early, then have fun and check out some of movies on the website, or read up on some how to articles, or even send in some photos of your boat. If you have a writers touch, why not compose or type up a few of your Sandpiper Sailing adventures and email them to us to place online. These stories of how you sailed or your experiences would be quite interesting for us all to read. You could even add a help section at the end (what we did right, what we did wrong) like in those sailing books.

 5) Will your boat be ready?

 Have you been putting off any of those upgrades? Say like new lights for navigation or inside the cabin, new anchors and lines (should have two or three with a minimum of 100 feet or more on each and 6 feet or chain), new dock lines, new sail halyards or spares.

 How are your sails, need any repairs or adding a reef points? Or are your thinking about ordering some new ones? If so better do it soon before the rush in a few months, as you wouldn’t want your sailing to be delayed.

 Does your boat need to be cleaned and hull painted? Is there any worn spots on the hull from beaching that need repaired or touched up, or does it need any anti-fouling paint be applied? Especially if it has been moored all season in the water for the last 3 summers.

 What state is all your onboard electronics like VHF radio, AM/FM radio, Chart plotter, GPS, depth sounder?  Are they all fused for protection? When was the last time you charged up the battery and are the water levels in the battery at correct height? Now is the time to look for a small solar charger.

 Lifejackets are important. The last year when I was boarded on the water for random boat inspection, the USA Coastguard inspected every lifejacket that I had very slowly looking for misuse or flaws as one item of the inspection. Are yours up to date? Is your checklist of emergency items complete and ready onboard?  How old are your flares and batteries for your flashlights?

 6) Will your motor be ready?

 The next time you walk past your motor, pull the start cord slowly, a few times (once a month) to keep it moving. Start planning to schedule a motor tune up at your local marine dealer before the big rush. When was the time that you purchased new spark plugs or do you have a spare set? If you are looking to upgrade, now is the time to start looking around to find one bigger or for that 4 stroke gas saving model with a 12v battery charger. If you are selling your old one do let us know to post on the website.

 7) Will your trailer be ready?

 Have you been thinking about adding a trailer extension, new lights, or new wiring? Now is the time to start planning about it. When was the last time that you replaced or greased the bearings, (Opps, did ya forget last fall!)

 8) Conclusion:

 Overall, hopefully this short newsletter was interesting and not a turn off as it sounds like a lot hard work is needed before sailing. Rather, being prepared before launching and heading out should make your sailing time much more fun and enjoyable, especially for the entire family.

 If you need any help or are looking for more information visit the website, as you already know where it is. It has been quite surprising that in less than 3 years the website has had over 18,000 new visitors, reflecting your support and hobby of Sandpiper Sailing that we all enjoy and share.

Little Wave. #103.  

Sandpiper 565 Trailerable Sailboat.
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