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Sandpiper News Media, Stories and Press Releases:

It's nice to read stories of our Sandpipers or Sandpiper Sailing in the Newspapers and on the Internet. Below are Sandpiper stories that we have located in the various News Media and have been reposted here with credits and links to the source where published. Due to the length of time that the some stories are only kept online is another reason why to duplicate them here. Authors of these stories, also submit them to more than one source when publishing.

If you have a writers touch and or just enjoy writing, we can also post your story here as well, just send it in.

Sandpiper Media News Story Submitted.

Links to the
News Medias
2011 Toronto Boat Show Review, By George Czerny, Sandpiper Owner # 377.
Toronto Boat Show
Sandpiper565.com Email Newsletter #4, Oct, 2010
Sandpiper565.com Email Newsletter #3, Aug. 2010
Sandpiper565.com Email Newsletter #2, May 2010
Sandpiper565.com Email Newsletter #1, Feb. 2010
Visiting the Tullett Prebon London International Boat Show
(3 boat shows, featuring sailboats; Crabber 26, Bay Cruiser 20/23, Cape Cutter 19), By George Czerny, Sandpiper 565, "Wind Song". March 2010.
Sandpiper Rendezvous 09.  By George Czerny, Special to the GAM Magazine. Fall 2009.
Sailing Reflections of a Sandpiper Owner By George Czerny, Special to the Ontario Sailing ENewsletter, October 2009.
Sandpiper Invasion, On The Water, Posted By George Czerny, Special To The Free Press, August 27, 2009. 

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