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Sail Area:

Sandpiper 565

Inventory of
7 Sails
Luff Leach Foot
* approximately with
fractions omitted.
Spinnaker 190 17.65      
Storm Jib 28 2.65 3.83 m
* 12' 6"+
2.74 m
* 8' 11"+
2.00 m
* 6' 6"+
Working Jib 1 50 4.65      
Working Jib 2 65 6.06 5.10 m
 * 16' 8"+ 
4.67 m
* 15' 3"+
2.56 m
* 8' 4"+
Geona 73 6.43 4.87 m
* 15' 11"+
4.57 m
* 14' 11"+
2.92 m
* 9' 6"+
Drifter Jib 85 7.90      
Mailsail 94  8.70     ?  8' +/-
Sail Combinations
(Mainsail +)
Sail Notes:
Mainsail 94 8.70

Total area sizes quoted from Sandpiper owner's manual.

Sail measurements are from CL-Sailboats database files.

Sails were first made by Genco Marine, and by then North Sails.

MS. + Geona 167 15.5
MS + Drifter Jib 179 16.6
MS + Working Jib 1 159 14.7
MS + Working Jib 2 144 13.35
MS + Storm Jib 122 11.3
MS + Spinnaker 284 26.35
 Mast: 22 feet 1.75 inch


110 inches (boom connects on mast, from top 19'4" appx or 32" from bottom can slide a foot lower on mast)

Jib Halyard Block:

From mast heel up 16 feet 3 inches (above forestay).
Spinnaker pole mount: From mast heel up 3 feet.
Whisker Pole: fixed, 6 feet and 6 inches.
Kick up Rudder: lower part blade: 40 inches long. by 12.5 inches across
Head: Class III MSD (marine sanitation device) in Canada and USA.

Reefing Note: To reef the Mainsail required rolling the sail around the boom and changing to a smaller jib size. Many sandpiper owners have upgraded their sails to include fixed reef points, the use of a jib furling, and converting the mainsail from rope tracking to slug tracking in the mast. The first set of reef points in the mainsail would be just below the lowest batten about 3 feet from the foot (along the boom) of the sail.

Photo Note: If you look closely at the sandpiper photo you can see the outline of 5 sails.

A Sandpiper Owner hull # 1192 measured his sails and produced the sail dimensions below. He also cautions that his sails were older and a bit stretched. Just Click on the Photo below to enlarge it to "see and all his measurements" and "how he measured".

Clicnk to expand

The following data is from Mauri Pro Sailing, Sail Rig Dimensions for a Sandpiper. Note: It's odd that the Mauri data does not match the Sandpiper manufactured sail area size, nor the sail shown in image above, hence could be a custom sail..


SANDPIPER 565 23.5 7.0 18.0 8.0 23.5 7.0
Sandpiper 565 MainSail (P x E)/2 = (18 x 8)/2 = 72 Area + 10% racing 79.2
Sandpiper 565 100% Jib (I x J)/2 = (23.5 x 7)/2 = 82.25 Area
  (caution: mast is 22 feet tall and sits on top of the raised cabin.)
Hence 79.2 + 82.25 = 161.4. 

"P" is the luff length of the mainsail, measured along the aft face of the mast from the top of the boom to the highest point that the mainsail can be hoisted or black band.

"E" is the foot length of the mainsail, measured along the boom from the aft face of the mast to the outermost point on the boom to which the main can be pulled or to the black band.

"I" is measured along the front of mast from the genoa halyard to the main deck. The main deck is where the deck would be if there were no deckhouse.

"J" is the base of the foretriangle measured along the deck from the headstay pin to the front of the mast.


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