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   Newsletter Volume 2, May 2010
   2010 Sandpiper Rendezvous

Hello Everyone,
Overall this is very short newsletter, as it is basically is asking of everyone’s help. 

If you attended the 2009 Sandpiper Rendezvous last year at Midland Ontario, you would say that it was a great success! Mostly do to the effort of last year’s committee that was overseen by Ken Nelson. An electronic survey was created a few months ago by Ken for the selection of this year’s event.

If you went to the following website, http://www.sandpiper565.com/rendezvous.htm and then clicked on the group photo, you can see all of us who attended last year. Just look at how happy we all are in the group photo, plus lots more photos were taken by Dennis, John and Frank of everyone attending. John, was the happiest as he won a new set of Sandpiper Sails, donated by CL Sailboats. There are even newspaper stories http://www.sandpiper565.com/news-media.htm printed about us. Thanks in part to the writing and electronic pen of George Czerny. And You-Tube movies were made of us Sailing and socializing by John Everingham http://www.sandpiper565.com/movies.htm in addition to others in years past.

We know that this year’s 2010 Sandpiper Rendezvous in August has the potential of doubling the size of those attending that could well be the largest gathering of Sandpipers ever at a Rendezvous event. Why? Because so many fun loving, Sandpiper’ Owners, will be there, and it will a barrel of laughs providing lots of memories. 

As we all know, time is quickly slipping by and we need a group of volunteers to form a committee and to have a co-coordinator or two on the committee to ensure that event is very successful. If the event was located in my area I would be onboard in a flash, but unfortunately I live too far away from this year’s event. In a way my promoting and contacting every Sandpiper Owner that is around is a small way of helping. Committee members are usually persons who live close to where the Rendezvous will be held as they know more about the location, facilities and waters to be sailed. Overall each skipper is responsible for their own craft but the committee is also designed to be a helping role and a learning tool to introduce new Sandpiper Owners to the thrill of trailer sailing in new unknown areas, as the saying goes there is safety in numbers. Another reason to attend is to show off your fine Craft that to most has been a secret, as it seems that few, even know that our Sandpipers even exists.

With a few more helping hands that each could help with one small role or task, such as the need for some planning and pre-visits checks of the sites to visit, anchor, marine to use, party at which restaurant, have a beach BBQ, sail games, sailing race, theme, contact marine or sailing merchants for prizes or donations, Etc… you kind of get the idea. It will create another successful event this year.

We encourage everyone to visit the CL Sailboat Website, to learn more, to suggest ideas, or even to become involved be letting us know.

There are some Sandpipers Owners that are travelling quite a distance and may require a few days of travel to arrive, it would be nice if some folks would offer them their driveway as secured stop over while sleeping in their boats over night, while reroute, even if you cannot attend the Rendezvous. It’s another way that you too can help.

I will be looking forward to meeting you all in person to get to know what you look like and to see all the tweaks that you have made to your fine Sandpipers, (mine’s a real old one) that I could also attempt. Last year a few persons were highlighted with their inventions. One person bumped bottom and was given a special prize that was made by D’Arcy (Did you know that D’arcy trailered his Sandpiper down to Florida and has been sailing it while we’ve had to wait for the ice to melt? You can follow his progress on the CL Forums). Will the visiting team of Sandpipers be racing against the Home Team of Sandpipers of that area for a trophy? Hey if you are handy with power tools and enjoy wood crafting, can you make a few small trophies or plaques and bring them along or pass them on if you cannot attend? Just another way of you helping. But then, you are coming, ain’t ya? 

Sincerely Neil

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