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  Email Newsletter Volume 4, October 2010.

  1) Is the Sailing Season Over, Intro?
  2) Winter Storage, What should I do?
  3) New www.Sandpiper565.com/forums
  4) C&L Boatworks, Open House
  5) C&L Boatworks, Press Announcement


.)  Is the Sailing Season Over, Intro?

Itís that time of year where a countrywide grand performance of the fall season is coming to an end. The beautiful colours being displayed by the leaves of various trees types creating this show has performed its last curtain call. Now they have presented us with the generous task of cleaning up the house or basically raking up all of the mess. During this time frame will only allow us a brief short time of getting in the last few days of sailing before Jack Frost leads in Old Man Winter. For those of you who live in the southern areas, this a bonus that will allow you to sail a bit more compared to us who live farther up north. Does make us a bit jealous, of course! Who will be the last one still out sailing? How many sails did you get out on and partake in? Did you record them (and your adventures) in your sailing log book? Did you do more then the year before? Let us know on and show us on the forums.

Winter Storage, What should I do?

Pre-pairing your craft for winter storage can help reduce maintenance problems down the road. Just hauling your craft out of the water and parking it for the winter is not enough.

Some of the following items to consider, ďif you have the time and effortĒ, are possibly to;  

- Empty out all the contents of your craft (from your storage lockers; anchor, cabin, and stern) and lightly clean throughout before moving your Sandpiper to an offsite winter storage location. But before enduring this process make a list of every item that you remove and mark where it is stored. In this way in the spring you can easily find everything to refill your craft, and leave a photocopy of the list beside the VHF Radio as an emergency list. In this way it can document of all items including safety items for any Boat Inspections by any law enforcement agencies. Donít forget any lose topside hardware that could be taken off in a few seconds if stored at an unsecured location.  

- Remove and store your sails and cushions in a dry safe place. Take care to properly folds your sails and inspect them for any rips or tears. Have them sent out for repairs to avoid the backlog or rush of the spring demand.  

- Remove your anchors for storage and completely inspect the anchor, chain, line, and any connecting clevis pins. Ensure that the lines are dry and that the anchor drain hole in the bow of the Sandpiper is not plugged.  

- Take time to grease your wheel bearings and ensure that they are dry, and remove any water that can rust your bearings, raceways, shafts, and caps.

- Grease the keel screw to make it easier in the spring.

- Save your trailer springs by reducing the weight load by jacking up the trailer on blocks this also helps to reduce the upcoming snow load. Remove the wheels to help prevent tire cracks from the sun. It also makes it a tad harder for someone to steal your boat and trailer.

- Flush out all hull thruís and drains and ensure that they are free of any blockages or leaves.

- Cover your Sandpiper with a large tarp to keep freezing rain and melting snow from creating ice dams on your craft. Many an owner has discovered water in their Sandpipers in the spring that was caused by ice build up. Many owners have made a frame out of pvc pipe or of 2Ēx2Ē wood, connected together that helps support the tarp up to allow the snow to slide completely off.

- Outboard motors and gas hose should be brought in for tune ups and for maintenance.  Doing it now ensure it is ready for the spring beating the spring rush and you have lots of time to wait if new parts are needed to be ordered.

- Gasoline stored in tanks should be used up by other motors when possible to allow for fresh gas to refill the tanks in the spring. Otherwise gas preservatives can be added to the gas to extend its life by a few months helping preventing fuel breakdown.

- Batteries should be checked for correct levels and should be fully recharged before stored in a heated or a non-freezing storage area, and recharged them every 2 months. If you have a volt meter, write down the date and voltage on some masking tape taped to the top of the battery before and after you charge them so you are aware of the drain rate when not used.

- If you have extra time, wash down the hull and add a coat of wax, also all of the woodwork should be cleaned and re-oiled or coated to protect the wood.

This is just a short list of a few items to consider, that most of us already know, but will be helpful to new Sandpiper owners. Will you have time to do them all after raking up all the leaves, hopefully?  If you know of others, let us know on the forums.

  New www.Sandpiper565.com/forums

In august, online user forums were added to the Sandpiper 565 website that would allow Sandpiper Owners to post and read messages or bulletins to/from each other on related Sandpiper sailboat topics. These new forums were added when requests from the Sandpiper community voiced their concerns when the C&L user forums went offline for a few months. The Sandpiper 565 forums will continue but will be tweaked as the demand merits. Automatic emailing of any newly posted messages can be configured so that you donít miss out on any messages. Another new feature is that photos can be placed online as attachments for those who donítí have photo sites.

There are many other documented Sandpiper related forums throughout the internet located on many boat sites. The Sandpiper 565 forums intent is not to compete with or to replace them but to eventually reduce the public posting of emails on the online registry as Sandpiper owners can rather use the forums to contact each other. To be able to post any messages you are required to register.

C&L Boatworks, Open House

In august of this summer the company owners of C&L Sailboats closed their shop which left us the purchasers or owners of C&L products in limbo for parts and supplies. This also shut down the online C&L user forums. The news of this closure was felt country wide as C&L is one of the few remaining small boat builders left in Canada .

But the good news is that Dave Ventresca a former C&L employee who has purchased and reopened the C&L company under a slightly new name of C&L Boatworks, will continue to make present and new C&L crafts and to supply parts for them ensuring the future of the C&L line of products. Dave also restored the online C&L user forums that provided a home base community for the C&L Family. The new C&L Boatworks is announcing an invitation to you of their Open House which follows;

Do support Dave and his new venture by phoning or emailing him first for quotes when purchasing items for your Sandpiper. Provide him with an opportunity to beat or match prices with his many suppliers. (His email and phone number follows.)

Dave posted this notice on the C&L user forums.

C&L Boatworks is holding a First Boat Launch/Open House on Saturday October 23rd from 11 AM to 5 PM to officially christen and hand over the sheets of the first CL14 off the moulds to its newest Dealer, FroliQUE NautiQUE, headed by Mr. Ricardo Martin Jonas, of Gatineau , QC . This is a great chance to meet the C&L Boatworks and FroliQUE NautiQUE crews and the check out C&L manufacturing facility in a casual social setting. Food and refreshments will be available.

There will be several new C&L models on display, as well as a few 35+ year-old CL16ís freshly out of our re-furb shop.

There will be a grand prize draw of a North Sails mainsail for your specific CL model, as well as other draws for C&L accessories and swag from marine hardware manufacturers. There will also be a silent auction of C&L parts and accessories such as rudder heads, foils, tillers, blocks kit etc. for you to bid on and kick start your winter C&L reno project.

The organizer of the Sandpiper S565 Rendezvous 2010 will also conduct a draw for C&L Boatworks-donated S565 accessories which were AWOL during the Rendezvous.

For Forum members unable to attend I will have a draw for a C&L model-specific North jib sail, courtesy of North Sails. Just PM me on this forum with your name, email, C&L model and sail number and I will draw a winner at the Open House. Oldest CL16 will also get a little swag.

This is a great chance to visit the Boatworks and see the 40+ year-old C&L photo archives, tooling, fibreglass and mast shops as well as check out our parts and accessory stock for some great late season deals or to get a head start on your winter projects. It will also be a great chance to meet other C&L sailors from the area and the CL Owners Group Forum and talk shop. Our fibreglass ďUgly Betty Board BinĒ will be available for browsing through for those looking for an ultra low-cost fibreglass foil for your beach boat.

We would love to see you there to help us launch CL14 Hull No.1 to FroliQUE NautiQUE in Quebec and even to win some great accessories for your boat!

Please email clboatwork if you are able to attend this great event.

Hope to see you there,
Dave V., C&L Boatworks

C&L Boatworks Press Announcement

C&L Boatworks (formerly C&L Sailboats est. 1968) makers of the CL16, CL14, CL11, CL Echo 12, CL Stealth and Sandpiper 565, has announced that you are invited to their Open House and Launch on Saturday October 23 2010 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

 The Open house will feature;

Launch of CL14 Hull number 1.
-         Grand prize Draw: New C&L Mainsail.
Draws for the C&L Crew and facility.
View C&L Refurbed 1970ís era CL16ís

 Food and light refreshments will be served.

 To confirm your boarding or attendance send an RSVP email and for more information you can visit their website at www.clboatworks.com and the C&L user forms. C&L Boatworks, is located at 976 Helena Street, Unit A, Fort Erie, Ontario, and their phone number is 905-871-GOCL (4625).

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