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What's "New", on the Sandpiper 565 Website?  &  Website Web counter Stats.

May 11 2021 We're back! We were alerted that the forums were offline, hence did some investigating and the problem was a result of the internet web hosting server had moved everything to another server. Today we also upgraded the forum software to the newest version. Will be authorizing users to use the forums. Sorry about that.
Oct 1, 2020

We've back! Our Sandpiper has been  hauled out and is being winterized. This year has been an interesting one for everyone. We've had some free time and started to uploaded some new Videos to our Sandpiper565.com channel on You-Tube. We also created some play-lists videos on the channel of other Sandpiper Owners. If you have a video do let us know and do subscribe. Next will updating this website.

The 2019 Sandpiper Rendezvous video is full of those crusty old salt Sandpiper Pirates with a few Sea dogs thrown in and includes a Sea Battle at the end. Wished that you were there.

July 28, 2020

Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous Update

If you were wondering if the 2020 Sandpiper Rendezvous would be held this year, well it's now official, it has been cancelled due to Covid-19.

This year D'Arcy our Rendezvous organizer/host had planned our Rendezvous to take place in August on beautiful Lake Joseph by Lake Muskoka. This area is very pretty and the location is more central to allow more to attend. Now with the international boarder being closed we would be missing out on all of our American friends plus travel restrictions that are asking everyone to remain closer to their homes.

But in its place we are asking for Sandpiper Owners during the month of August to create a "Virtual, Rendezvous - I Sailed Here". With each crew taking lots of pictures and recording the details of their sailing trips close to home, so they can be all posted online here together in a special Rendezvous section to recapture the excitement that the Rendezvous creates. Just email us all your details.

Mar 9, 2019 Our Congratulations go out to the Michigan Sandpiper Boat Crew "Ergie". For racing their Sandpiper 565 in the the "Florida Everglades Challenge 2019. We have moved the story from the main page to a new 565 Racing page.
Dec. 14 2018 Psst! An early rumour...

That the 2019 Sandpiper 565 Rendezvous  could be held on the August 9-12 weekend, and on Lake Mazinaw.

It would become a combined event with the open Sail Mazinaw sailing group (any type of sailboat) so other boats eg; CL16, CL14, CL12, and dinghy's can also attend. For this group the Provincial Bon Echo Campground is located at the narrows in the middle of the north and south sections of the lake and is great for those who have no sleeping cockpits, or for those who wish to stay longer and sail even more.
June 4 2018 May 21, 2018 David Ventresca, the owner of C&L Boatworks, has retired from boatbuilding after 25 years of C&L service and has sold the C&L brand and assets to Geoff Martin of Velocity BoatWorks, based in Belleville, Ontario.

Geoff has extensive fibreglass manufacturing and mold-making experience and is a builder of the i550 Sportboat. Hes ready to start taking care of all existing and new C&L customers.

Dec 29 2018 - New Added VHF Radios, discussing antennas, radio channels, DSC, GPS, AIS. 
Dec 23 2018 - Added more sites to Sailing News Feeds
Dec 20 2018 - Updated Donations to include In remembrance of.. to remember the names of Sandpiper Skippers.
- Updating Registry.
- New added Sailing News Feeds
Dec 19 2018 - Started adding/updating both the Links pages and Sailing Cubs, with info from emails.
- Updated CL History, new owners info.
- Updated For Sale section
Dec 17 2018 - Started responding to emails and slowly updating the Registry.
Dec 14 2018 - We're Back Online, downloaded 302 emails today, will take time to wade through all the spams and your emails. This summer I had eye problems, had to reframe from using all electronic screens and TV, plus our sandpiper sat all summer in the driveway, we missed the Rendezvous.
- Fixed, page not found, error.
- Removed java piper logo replaced with .gif version.
Oct 26 2018 - New Added VHF Weather Radio
- Removed discontinued Sail-TV app.
Aug 15 2018 - Improved: The Home Page loading time: By moving or archiving all the older comments in the "What's "NEW on the Sandpiper565" section to this new page called "What's New" a dedicated webpage to allow the home page to load quicker.
- New Visitor Webcounter, Our website hosting provider had discontinued this service, now using third party.
- Website Update Delays: We apologize but encountered a heath issue (vision) that prevented computer use, website will be updated in the fall.
June 4 2018 - Updated: the Rendezvous page with 2018 Rendezvous Schedule of Eents and Registration contact info.
- Updated: the C & L History page as Dave has retired and sold C&L Boatworks.

May 11 2018

- Updated: the Rendezvous page with info on the 2018 Sandpiper Rendezvous,
July 26 2017 - Updated: the Rendezvous page with info on the 2017 Sandpiper Rendezvous, Les Cheneaux Islands, Hessel Michigan.
- Website status: We have been super busy this spring/summer and have had little time for the computer/website. We still receive your emails and downloaded 150 today. The new webpage software messes up the webpage design, hence other updates are temporary on hold.
May 19 2016 - Updated: Rendezvous With 2016 Sandpiper Rendezvous Info. St Joseph Island, Ontario
June 10 2015 - Updated: Rendezvous With 2015 Sandpiper Rendezvous Info. Port Carling, Ontario
July 9 2014 - Updated: Rendezvous With 2014 Sandpiper Rendezvous Info., Pure Michigan!
June 2014 - We're back from our sabbatical or time off to focus more time for higher priory items. Were starting to update the website once again with all your info, since its summer it will be slow. Thanks for your patience.  
March 2013  - Created: Local Sailing Clubs links page, with expanded Ontario and Quebec, moved clubs from links page.
May 2012 - Resumed updating the website, after the passing of my father.
- Started to slowly respond to emails and to update the for-sale section.
Jan. 2012 - Updated: Registry
Updated: Links
- Updated: Forums Activations.
Sept 2011 - Updated Registry
Updated for-sale
- Updated Forums rules and Cleaned up Forums.
June 2011 - Added 2011 Purposed Rendezvous Schedule
- Updated
Updated for-sale
May 2011 - Added SAIL TV broadcasts.
- Added the 2010 Email Newsletters 1-4
- Added 2011 Toronto Boat Show Review, by George Czerny.
April 2011  - Created Contact-us Page
- Updated Website header to include quick links.
- Created Josiah's Photo Page
- Slowly updating the Registry with entry date years. 
Nov. 2010 - Updated Registry (added country flags)
- Created DIGINAV product review.
Oct. 2010 - Updated the movies page, there is now about 140 videos.
- Created an online Google Search.
- Created Licenses and Certificates.

- Updated Registry (Removed emails, to reduce spamming, hence everyone can now use the online forums.)
- Updated CL's history with new CL Boatworks information.
- Updated the links page.
Aug. 2010 - Created Online Sandpiper Forums.
July 2010 - Updated Registry.
- Replied to many emails as was overseas.
- Emailed to everyone on the Sandpiper email list, details of the upcoming Rendezvous.
May 2010 - Created Mitch's Photo Page.
Apr. 2010  - updated Sobstad Sails and Marine Info. as they have expanded their marine hardware and accessories.
Mar. 2010 - Created news-media; London Boat Show
Jan. 2010 - Created Newsletter 1 page
- Created email list.
- updated registry for Email list
Dec. 2009 - Created Outboard Motors & Mounts page
- Updated Michel's Movies
Nov. 2009 - Updated Registry.
- added Sail-World News Ticker

Updated News Media, Stories, and Press Releases page.
- Created News Media: Sailing Reflections
- Created News Media: Sandpiper Invasion
- Created News Media: Sandpiper Rendezvous
Sept. 2009 - Updated Rendezvous page and added links to 2009 photo Albums.
- Updated Sandpiper Movies page.
Aug. 2009 - Created Chris's photo page.
- Created Didier's Photo page.
June 2009 - Created News Media, Stories, and Press Releases page.
Updated Registry.
- Updated For Sale Page and Misc. 2 Photo page.
Apr. 2009 - Created Leonardo da Costa Sayago page.
- Updated Registry
- Created Lesley's and England (UK) photo pages.
- Added Sobstab Sails and Created Sobstab page.
- Added Pierre's table plans to his photo page.
Mar. 2009 - Tweaked home page for faster loading.
Jan. 2009 - In contact with Small Craft Advisor to perform a Sandpiper Review.
- Created Louis's  Photo Page
Feb. 2009 - Created Franks Photo Page, updated registry, movies, and links.
Dec. 2008 - Created "Kids On Deck" just for kids, a kids zone to hang out. 
- Added U-Tube viewer on the Movies Page.
- Updated Registry and Links.
Nov. 2008 - Created Online Sailing Games page.
Oct. 2008 - Created Sudbury Yacht Club, and Cool Breeze's Keel photo pages.
Sept. 2008 - Created Sandpiper Movies Page.
- Created Bob's, Allan's, and Pierre's photo pages
- Updated links, for sale, Registry, and Sandpiper Google Map.
- replied to many awaiting emails..
June 2008 - Removed GRYC Page as they are not hosting any Sandpiper Regattas.
- Updated Rendezvous, Registry and Sandpiper Google Map.
- Created Water Leaks
May 2008


- Created Keel Table Page
- Added 18 Photos of Piper modifications to David's Photo Page.
- Created Donations: Hall of Fame and John Photo's Page.
Apr. 2008 - Added the Ockelbo OS19 to the registry.
- Created the Sandpiper's Brother, the Ockelbo OS19 page.
- Created David's Photo Page lots of many new modifications.
- Created Sid's Photo Page, raise the Mast by yourself.
- Added a Sandpiper Google Map to Registry
Mar. 2008 - Created Don's Photo Page
Feb. 2008


- Created What's in a Sandpiper's Name?
- added more pictures to misc photos
- updated for sale section, removed sold and added new ones.
Jan. 2008


- Created Signal code flags page.
- Added 8 Misc. photos to the Photo Albums. 
- Temporary modified Guestbook to allow entries via email. 
- Created Cockpit Tents and Sunshade webpage
- Added the sail dimensions to sail area
- Added CL photos of building the Sandpipers to Photos Section.
- Updated home page with press reports & construction.
- Updated the Links pages 
- Tweaked the website overall
- Added new Sandpiper Owners to the registry.
Dec. 2007


- Added CRYC photos to Photo Albums.
- Created this What's New section
- Added Nomads photos to photo gallery.
- Added Remy's photos to photo gallery.
- Created FAQ webpage
- Added owner's photo links from the registry to their photo gallery.
- Added owner's photo & movie links from the registry to their websites.
Oct. 2007 - Created Sailfishs vs Sandpipers webpage.
- Created Links webpage
Sept. 2007 - Created Constance-Bay webpage.
June 2007 - Created GRYC webpage.
- Created Rendezvous webpage.
- Created the Photo's Section. 
May 2007 - Created Registry webpage
- Created website.

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